From December 2022, we will offer our customers the tasting of traditional French cheeses (except Gruyère which is Swiss), generally made from raw milk, which will be offered on a tray for tasting on site, but also for sale at the end of the stay so that your loved ones enjoy a real French local product.

Each cheese has a PDO: Protected Designation of Origin, a recognition which, at European level, guarantees respect for the terroir and the methods of production of milk and cheese, from feeding the cows to maturing. The PDO also makes it possible to preserve the cow breeds of each cheese.


The cheeses offered at the start will be:


- Comté with 08 months of ripening: raw cow's milk cheese with cooked pressed paste. Its terroir is the Jura massif. 400 liters of milk are needed for a wheel that will weigh about 40 kg.

More information about the Comté:


-Morbier: cheese made from raw cow's milk, a member of the uncooked pressed cheese family. It is produced in the Jura mountains and comes in the form of a wheel 30 to 40 cm in diameter, weighing between 5 and 8 kg. Each dairy cow for Morbier must have one hectare of grass. Ripening is a minimum of 45 days.

More information about Morbier:


-Flower Tomme: raw cow's milk cheese, uncooked pressed cheese, coated with wild flowers. Its moist crust is covered with flower petals of various edible varieties: mallow, blueberry, marigold, strawberry, rose, hay, dandelion.Its taste is sweet, with flavors of hazelnuts and flowers.Refining is 04 months minimum.


- raw milk Gruyère with 12 months of ripening: hard cheese, raw milk, made in Switzerland, its origin being the region of Gruyère (canton of Fribourg), since 1115!

More information about Gruyère:


- Organic raw milk Abondance: since the 11th century this cheese has been produced by the monks of the Abondance abbey in the Abondance valley. It takes an average of 10 L of raw milk to obtain 1 kg of Abondance.

The cheese comes in the form of a cylindrical wheel of 6 to 12 kg.

More information about Abondance:

If you understand French don't hesitate to watch their quirky video:


-Spring Beaufort: cooked pressed cheese, raw and whole milk, produced in Savoie. Its texture is firm on the attack on the palate, then melting and reveals subtle aromas. It is the combination of 3 characteristics that gives it this unique flavor: a preserved territory with breathtaking flora, dairy cows with mountain qualities and passionate women and men who perpetuate ancestral know-how.

The milk comes from 02 breeds of cows: Tarine and Abondance.

It is produced in rounds of about 40 kg. It is aged for a minimum of 5 months.

More information about Beaufort:


-Reblochon de Savoie: raw milk cheese, produced since the 13th century in Savoie. Each cheese is made from 4l of raw milk.

More information about Reblochon:


-the Roquefort Papillon with sheep's milk


Platter for 2 with your choice of 04 cheeses     20  BGN  
Platter for 4 with your choice of 04 cheeses      35 BGN