For your breakfasts,we offer homemade dishes and products: banitsa (banitsa is a Bulgarian specialty, puff pastry type, which we offer in several versions, it goes very well with homemade yogurt), but also donuts, pancakes, fruit salad, bread etc ...
Breakfasts must be ordered the previous evening before 10 p.m. They are prepared in the morning and delivered around 9am to your accommodation.

Prices are in BGN (1 Euro= 1,95 BGN).

Minimum  order: 10 BGN

Dishes   500gr  1000gr

Banitsa tradition:


12  22 
Banitsa Apples 12  22
Banitsa Pumpkin (seasonal Sept to April) 12 22
Fritters 10 15
Yogurt with honey and nuts 300 gr   7
Yogurt 700 gr    7 
01 plain pancake   3
01 pancake with jam or chocolate                          4 
French toast    2,5
Fruit salad 300 gr   7
Fruits salad 750 gr   13
Blueberry jam home made 300 ml                    10
other seasonal home made  jams   9
Honey 300 ml   10
Cheese (cow,goat, sheep) 100 gr   5
Ayram (yogurt drink) 1l   5
Princess (toasted meat sandwich)   6
Croque-monsieur  (toasted bread with ham and cheese)   6
Croque-madame  (toasted bread with ham and cheese with fried egg)   6