Welcome to all!

Welcome to all!



We believe you have chosen this place to relax. The complex spreads across a 6000 m2 area where everyone will enjoy privacy, although it is also a place where you will meet in the common areas and where your children can all play together.

This guide will answer the questions you might have and will guarantee a nice stay for everybody.


Check-in: from 2 pm Check-out: by 11.45 am

Late check out is possible depending on availability and on request.

For more details, you can call us on +359 899 96 22 03.


Parking: Our well-lit parking is situated 100 meters from Garmen Hills. Guests staying at Blue View and Green View chalets have their own access from the parking to their house which can be reached by crossing a small bridge. If you are staying in the Greek House or the Old House, it is preferable that you access from the main entrance (iron gate).


Collective rules at Garmen Hills:

Let’s be respectful towards other guests who come to enjoy the calm and nature:


Noise and Music:

We kindly ask our guests to be careful with the level of noise and music during day and night. Let’s all contribute to Garmen Hills peaceful atmosphere,so please do not play any music outside and around the pool.



We love your pets and know they will enjoy playing here. We accept them if you rent a house during the period from 1st October to 30th June. When there are guests outside, we ask you to remain near your pet or keep it on a leash. Please do not leave your pet alone in the house when you are outside.


Old House:

The house is not well soundproofed,so we kindly ask you to respect the tranquillity of other guests.We kindly ask you to clean the dishes and other equipments you will use in the common kitchen and in the living-room to ensure a nice stay for the other guests. The shelves of the service room are reserved to the staff of Garmen Hills.


Use of the fireplace:BE CAREFUL! The use of the fireplace is your responsibility and the person who lights a fire must absolutely put it out before leavig the room.It is absolutely forbidden to leave a fire burning overnight.


Food service: We are happy to propose you a food service with delivery to your house for breakfast by 9:00 am and dinner 7.30 pm.We need your orders: • before 4pm the same day for our standard menu • the evening before for your breakfast • and 24h in advance for the Bulgarian and French specialties.


You can send us your order by e-mail, via the website, via WhatsApp  at +359 899 96 22 03. In case you are asleep or absent when we deliver, we will put the food in the boxes situated at the entrance of each house. We kindly ask our guests to clean the plates after use. All the information about the menu is on www.garmenhills.com and on the menus in each house


Swimming Pool: Opening hours 9:30 am to 8:00 pm (but may vary depending on the season and weather).The pool is not supervised. It is 1,85 m deep and could be dangerous for children who can’t swim. The parents are responsible for their children while they use and play around the pool or in the garden. For sanitary reasons, we kindly ask our guests to put a personal towel on their deck chair before using it. The towels in your bedrooms are not for external use. We ask you not to manipulate the covers of the pool. The pool is for Garmen Hills guests only.


Jacuzzi: you must book the jacuzzi in advance via our website or by contacting us.

(Price: 30 BGN for 45 minutes).The jacuzzi is located at the back of the Greek house.You can access only by the main door of this house. Sanitary requirement: Please use the shower located near the jacuzzi before entering it.


Pétanque playground: Garmen Hills has also a petanque playground (a French game with metal balls which has now become one of the France’s national sports). Ask us and we will give you the necessary material, and explain you the simple rules of this game.


Bikes for rent: The complex has 4 bicycles that you can rent for 5 BGN for half a day or 8 BGN for the whole day.

Other activities Table tennis, volleyball, basketball, badminton,football...


The wood service for Fireplace and BBQ:

• Fireplace We propose you a service for the wood supply of the three fireplaces (Old house, Blue and Green View chalets). For 20 BGN we bring to your house a full basket of dry and quality wood, some small wood and starter to light your fire.

• BBQ: Each house has one. We kindly ask our guests to use charcoal to cook on the BBQ and not the wood of the property which is reserved for the fireplaces. The charcoal can be found at the shops near Garmen Hills.


Cleaning / Laundry: For long stays (over 05 nights) you can request that the linens be changed.


Safety / Lost objects: Garmen Hills and its area are very safe. Yet we encourage you not to leave cash and valuable objects in the rooms. We can provide you a small safe if you have some valuables to protect. We decline all responsibility for any disappearance of personal belongings within Garmen Hills. In case you forget something in your house or room we will send it back to the address you will indicate.


Damage / Broken items: Any damage of material or equipment of Garmen Hills done by the guests will be at their charges.


Environment / Waste management:We do our best to minimize our impact on the environment, it is one of our values. All the houses are equipped with solar panels for the hot water. Three houses have a heat pump and the Old house uses a pellets heater. We invite you to participate in this effort by doing these simple practices during your stay:

• Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

• Put the towels that you do not use in or on the furniture of each room.

• Put the toilet paper and all hygienic or personal care products in the dustbin situated in each bathroom AND NEVER IN THE TOILETS.


Waste Recycling:  Each house has 2 bins:one for recycled materials (glass, plastics,metal, carton) and one for household waste.

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Thank you for your attention and we hope you’ll enjoy your stay