In the heart of the village

In the heart of the village

GARMEN HILLS is a complex of green tourism,located in the heart of the village of Garmen in southwestern Bulgaria,220 kms from Sofia.

GARMEN is a village and also the name of the  Municipality of 15 villages around,some of them being very touristic: Kovachevitsa,Lechten,Ogyanovo.

Situated at the heart of 02 mountain massifs,GARMEN is the quiet of an agricultural,forest and mountainous region which kept an intact nature.

… And close to nearby Greece (15 km):

replica watches GARMEN it is also the proximity with Greece (the border is 15 km away), its antique sites-ex: Philippi - and the Aegean Sea between Kavala and Thessaloniki  which you can join in 90 minutes from GARMEN (115 km).