* Beers : For our bulgarian visitors we propose the discovery of some famous belgian and french beers , with very different tastes and flavours...
Feel free to try these wonderful products that you will not find elsewhere in Bulgaria!

Belgian Beers: Price in BGN (1 Euro= 1,95 BGN)
Gouden Carolus classic 33cl 8,5
Gouden Carolus classic 75cl 20
Gouden Carolus Triple 33cl 8,5
Gouden Carolus Triple 75cl 20
Gouden Carolus ambrée 33cl 8
Blanche Namur 16
Chimay Grande Réserve 75cl 21
Abbaye des Rocs Blonde 33cl 7
Abbaye des Rocs Brune 33cl 7,5
Abbaye des Rocs triple Impérial 75cl 21

French beers:
Vieux Lille 33cl    8
Vieux Lille 75cl 19
Estaminet Blonde 75cl 17
Noiraude Blanche 7
Vivat Blonde bio 18,5
Vivat Blonde 75cl 19
Bellerose 33cl 7
Bière gamote de Lorraine 8