Our Tours

Our Tours

In order to encourage and facilitate the discovery of the region, we offer several excursions from Garmen Hills.

The objective is to go off the beaten track and discover the authenticity of this region.

You will be accompanied by a member of Garmen Hills who has a local guide diploma.

These excursions can be done all year round, they include the transport with one car from Garmen Hills for 04 people maximum.For groups from 5 to 24 people,please send us your request so we make a specific offer.

The price does not include lunch or fees for parks or zoos.


Excursion 1: "A day in the Rhodopes"

This trip will make you discover several villages of the Rhodopes, will allow you to walk in a geological park, to take a lunch break in the middle of nature (or in restaurant depending on the season and the weather) and to visit an historic place.

Estimated mileage:75


Excursion 2: "Discovery of a Thracian sanctuary"

This excursion will allow you to discover an ancient Thracian sanctuary (walk 1h30-2h) but also to visit 02 authentic Rhodope villages with several architectural styles.

There will be a lunch break.

Estimated mileage:60


Excursion 3: "Discovery of the Pirin Mountain"

This trip will offer you a village visit at altitude,with a possible 45 minutes hike and visit to a waterfall, a visit to a Monastery, a visit to a local zoo.

There will be a lunch break.

Estimated mileage:60


Excursion 4: "Discovery of the touristic villages of Pirin and the Rhodopes»

From 02 to 04 villages,this excursion will allow you to visit remarkable villages of the region.

It can be half day or full day with a lunch break.It can include a 6km hike in nature on demand.

Estimated mileage:40


Excursion 5: "Discovery of the Rhodope caves"

full day excursion

Estimated mileage:185


Excursion 6: "Discovery of the Melnik region"

full day excursion

Estimated mileage:160


Excursion 7: "Discovery of Northern Greece"

full day excursion

From March 2022


Prices: season 2021-2022 

Price for one car, 01 to 04 people - BGN


Excursion 1:       "A day in the Rhodopes"  112
Excursion 2:       "Discovery of a Thracian sanctuary"   98 
Excursion 3:       "Discovery of the Pirin Mountain"  85
Excursion 4:       "Discovery of the touristic villages"   50
Excursion 5:       "Discovery of the Rhodope caves" 275
Excursion 6:       "Discovery of the Melnik region" 230
Excursion 7:       "Discovery of Northern Greece"