Northern Greece

Northern Greece


GARMEN HILLS  is also a starting point to discover the nearby Greece (15kms)

On the same day from GARMEN,you can:

* visit the antic site of PHILIPPI: town developed by Philip II of Macedonia,father of Alexander The Great,positioned on the roman road Via Egnatia,PHILIPPI is a spectacular and wide ancient site with a very well preserved theater.

The site also has a great historical and religious importance:
-in 42 BC, it was the victory of Octavian and Antony on Cassius and Brutus,which sealed the fate of the Roman Republic!
-in 49/50 after Jesus Christ,Saint Paul preached for the first time on European soil and baptized the first woman,Lydia,and came back  to issue his famous Letter to the Philippians.

Do not overlook the Museum of Philippi on the edge of the site,which has a very nice collection and which is above all very educational on the history of Macedonia and Alexander The Great.
You can also visit a few kilometers away the Lydia baptisphere,first woman baptized in Europe.

* reach the coast and visit KAVALA,with its ramparts,the old town of Ottoman inspiration and the harbour.
You can also stop for lunch in one of the coastal resorts and enjoy the countless number of sandy beaches available between KAVALA and OFRINIO.

* visit the caves of ALISTRÁTI and AGGITIS.

It can be reached very easily via KERAMOTI in a 30-minute ferry trip or from KAVALA(1h15).
This island is a concentrate of the best Greece can offer  to its tourists:
- varied landscapes,sandy beaches -ex: Paradise Beach- and beautiful and not crowded coves like Livadi Beach
-picturesque villages in the hills with their olive groves: Marries, Theologos, AG Georgios.
-ancient sites and monasteries to visit.
-hiking to the top of Mount Ipsario
-a significant nightlife on the East Coast!

Developed mainly in its eastern part,TASSOS Island can be visited on a day ‘s drive and deserves at least a one night stay!