Southwest Bulgaria

Southwest Bulgaria

This region of Bulgaria offers many possibilities of excursions and discoveries.


Within 30 min of Garmen:


* The Mountain Villages:


Taking the scenic routes,you will discover several villages perched in the mountains and that will seduce you by their architecture and their special atmosphere.


-DELCHEVO: on the side of PIRIN mountain,a 30 minutes drive from GARMEN via GOTSE DELCHEV,DELCHEVO is a picturesque promenade in a village who knows a new youth since 2011.

Starting point for hikes,you can climb to its summit and discover a beautiful panorama.


-DOLEN: a 20 minutes drive from GARMEN,you will discover the village of DOLEN,the less touristic but the most authentic because the most inhabited and representative of the ancestral habitat.

Quite extensive,you'll love to lose yourself in its cobbled streets and you will always find a terrace for a refreshing break after a walk on the cobblestones!

On the road to Dolen, do not miss a beautiful walk in a former thracian sanctuary:Gradishte.

-LECHTEN: a 20 minutes drive from GARMEN,by  the panoramic road going to KOVACHEVITSA,you will pass by the tourist village of LECHTEN.Less extensive than DOLEN,it is a classified architectural reserve and any construction must comply with standards of construction and materials:walls in stone and wood,stones roofs.


This village is mainly inhabited by residents of Sofia or non-nationals who enjoy the exceptional views of the PIRIN mountain.


-GORNO DRYANOVO: continuing LECHTEN road,you will arrive after 10 minutes in the village of GORNO DRYANOVO.Consisted  by a majority of  muslim people,this narrow and perched village on the throat of Kanina is representative of the villages in the region,with its inhabitants in traditional dress and leaves of tobacco during drying.


-KOVACHEVITSA: continuing the same road,you will arrive at the village of KOVACHEVITSA.Classified also as an architectural reserve,it is to our liking the most beautiful and picturesque village to visit in Bulgaria.
In a protected habitat,lauze roofs and stone houses,cobbled streets,it will give you an impression of end of the world and offers a very romantic ballad.Several restaurants/taverns (mehana) exist as well as guest houses whose owners have taken extreme care to preserve the authenticity.


Beyond Kovachevitsa:If you are equipped with four wheel drive,travel by motorcycle or if you want to continue with your bike,the road continues(a few very bad portions,so we advise not to use a  normal car..) and you can you push into the hills and forests,for example to make the Trek from the blue waterfall or go to the BESLET hamlet.


45 Minutes from Garmen:

* BANSKO: tucked away in the PIRIN mountains,BANSKO became an important tourist city by the totally disproportionate real estate investments that have been made since 1998 to make a major ski resort but that distort a part of the city.


Nevertheless the city center remains very interesting to visit with its preserved architecture from the 18 and 19th centuries,including its fortified houses (House Veljanov).

You will spend pleasant and typical moments in the many taverns that have retained their charm.


BANSKO is a starting point for beautiful hikes in the PIRIN mountains.


* DOBARSKO: village remained outside the tourist flows,Dobarsko is worth the trip by its natural environment between Pirin and the Rhodope Mountains.Alone the Church St.Theodore Tiron and St.Theodore Stratilate dating from 1614,justifies the detour,renowned for its icons and frescoes on the original grounds.Some will even see Jésus Christ within a sort of rocket...


01H15 from Garmen:


* The MELNIK area: it is a very pleasant  place to visit, especially with its environment of ochre pyramid rocks carved by erosion,the city of Melnik itself and its vineyards!


A trail runs through the city and leads to the pyramids for a beautiful walk that goes to the ROZEN monastery (that can be reached also by the road that continues after MELNIK).




This massif is worth the visit and to spend at least one  night.

There is a real 'Rhodopes atmosphere".You need to be impregnated by this environment,make the must-sees,but also wander at will to explore the villages and landscapes.

The essentials of a visit in the Rhodope Mountains:


-ASSEN: ancient  fortress,located in an impressive panorama,it contains a former chapel with beautiful frescoes.


-BACHKOVO Monastery: second in importance after the inevitable RILA,the monastery is a very nice visit and his chappelle is richly decorated with icons.


-Triptych Devil's throat /Trigrad /Yagodina cave: with these visits you will discover an exceptional natural environment,a representative village of religious tolerance in Bulgaria and a beautiful cave.




Second city in Bulgaria and one of the oldest European towns,its origins dating back to 1,200 years before Jésus Christ,PLOVDIV will be a very pleasant and essential time during your stay in Bulgaria. You will be captivated by the charm and the history of PLOVDIV,walking on the hills of the old Plovdiv, overlooking the city and the beautiful houses of the 19th century.


Not to be missed:the ancient theatre discovered in 1972,the houses Kujumdzioglu and Hindlijan!


Between SOFIA and GARMEN:




Depository of the soul and of the history of Bulgaria,this fortified monastery is a marvel in a setting of mountains and forests.

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Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, it is The monument to visit in Bulgaria and nobody remains insensitive to the Majesty of the site and the wealth of ornaments and icons of the Church of the Nativity.

Have a good visit...